Benefits of Summer Camp For Foster Children and Their Foster Parents

1. Uniting Siblings 

One of the harsh realities of foster care is that siblings are sometimes separated from one another and live in different homes. The separation can undoubtedly prove to be overwhelming. As siblings, they have been through a similarly traumatic experience. With an opportunity to connect in a camp setting, it creates an atmosphere that gives them a chance to play together and bond – as siblings should. These memories will be something they can carry with them throughout their lives and will remind them that they are not alone in the world.

2. An Outlet for Energy

Do you remember what it was like to have so much energy you could play all day without getting fatigued? There’s nothing like a good game of gagaball or archery to expend excess energy at summer camp. The children will definitely benefit from doing things like taking a nature hike or rowing a canoe in the lake. There are so many great ways to stay in motion with the multitude of fun-filled activities planned for them throughout their stay.

3. Enhance Social Skills

Camp creates a wonderful avenue to meet new people and learn how to effectively communicate with other children from different households and cultural backgrounds. Sharing cabins with new people creates a chance to enhance social skills by learning about other individuals and developing friendships. These experiences will boost confidence that will prepare your foster children for the upcoming school year and life in general.

4. Respite for Foster Parents

Let’s face it. Even though you love your foster children and would do anything for them, there are times when you just need a break. And it’s OK. Summer camp is the perfect opportunity to give yourself a well needed and deserved respite. The children are in good hands with a caring and professional staff, so this a good time to rest easy and focus on you. That may mean cuddling up with a good book, re-starting your exercise regimen or becoming a couch potato for a week. Whatever you choose to do, this is your time to do it. Enjoy!

Camp L.I.T is a summer camp experience that will fill your child with memories that he/she will always cherish, while giving you, as a foster parent, a time of rest that you will appreciate. If you have any question or concerns about your child coming to camp contact

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